chloe {10 months}

chloe – there is a person in your little body, and she’s starting to emerge!  we swear you’re saying ‘baby’ – more like ‘day-dee’ – and really like pictures of babies and the two little dolls we have.  there is really something to girls and babies – i’ve been pretty amazed at that.  you will sometimes ‘moo’ if we ask what a cow says and ‘ppppppttthhh’ if we ask what an elephant says.  you’re playing peek-a-boo, signing  for milk and more, know where your nose is, and trying to put shoes and socks on your feet.  you are standing more and more, and i feel like those first steps are coming.  you continue to be a great little eater, and we can just hand you a banana (or whatever), and you’ll eat it like a big kid.  my dear, at long last, you have given us the gift of sleeeeeeeep!!  it only took 10 months to get here, but it is oh so glorious.  i feel like we’ve crossed to the other side.  hallelujah!


{still sporting this face…mostly when she’s happy, if you can believe it}IMG_1240





{these two are interacting so much and are so good to each other most of the time}IMG_1733

{sure wish she wasn’t holding a pair of socks, but whatever, it’s real life}IMG_1738



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