chloe {8 months}

chloe, you are such a mover and a shaker.  you are getting faster and faster at crawling, pulling up on everything, and continue to be a little charmer.  your hair is coming right in, and i feel like your look is going to change considerably in the next few months with more hair and teeth.  you have a smile on your face most of the time, and continue with the scrunched up face when you’re not smiling.  you love beckett’s legos and really anything he likes to play with.  you are super curious, getting under chairs, ottomans, tables, looking for toys…and you usually find them…though i’m not sure what that says about my housekeeping abilities.  you are taking two good naps, though your morning one is often on-the-go and not long enough.  you are a trooper and go with the flow and just take a longer afternoon nap on those days.  by 7 o’clock you. are. done.  most nights you’re asleep by 7.30.  it’s exhausting being a baby – what, with two naps and eating and pooping too!?!   you are still into most foods, yet totally rejected the peach-flavored puffs you tried recently – literally spit them out and even dropped some on the floor.  i can tell you’re getting bored with purees so i’ve introduced a few finger foods – peas, cheese, and the almighty cheerio.  you are just as sweet as can be, chloe-girl.







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