a little project {in the basement}

i’ve mentioned before that, while we love this new house, it is pretty much a box ‘o beige.  i mean every single wall in the house (except bedrooms) is beige.  it’s kind of amazing…in not-my-favorite way.  we will slowly be making changes, and now that i’m no longer pregnant, we’re back in project mode.  a quick one that we tackled a few weeks ago was in our basement.  you might know that i have a love for chalkboard paint, so we went and slathered a pretty big wall with it.  it was highly motivated by the ncaa tournament so jared could put the bracket on it.  it’s both hilarious and awesome.  otherwise, we are doodling away down there and i think we’re having more fun than beckett is.






6 thoughts on “a little project {in the basement}

  1. Did Beckett draw those trains! Wow! Super idea for one wall. Thanks for the earlier posting with pics of both sweet kids!

  2. Why didn’t they have such cool paint when you all were little? It would have saved having to scrub crayons and such off the walls. Let’s just hope that B and C remember that it’s the only wall they are allowed to write on. A really fun idea!

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