that day i went a little crazy…

…with chalkboard paint was a good day.

i have had a can of said chalkboard paint for upwards of 2 years now, with plans to paint our fridge downstairs.  it came with the house and was pretty much butt-ugly in it’s original chocolate brown circa 19-seventy-something state.  but, that fridge works like a champ, which is more than i can say for our 2006 kenmore, which is a sorry excuse for a fridge…but i digress.  i popped open that paint, and when i got going i just couldn’t stop.

first was the fridge, which will (after today) more than likely, be labeled ‘beer’, because that’s pretty much all we use it for.  and when i say beer, i mean the 12-pack that we’ve had since october.  forgive the yellow picture – the lighting is not awesome down there.

next was a kiddo table that i got for $5. it had a little frog on the top, and he wasn’t my favorite, so away he went, and now it’s fit for a tea party.

and finally, the pantry.  i’ve already been using it to write down the things we need to add to the shopping list.  i also hope to do a better job at meal planning and plan to write our weekly menu here.

you just gotta love a can of paint.

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5 thoughts on “that day i went a little crazy…

    1. we do, annie! that laundry room has had a little overhaul, and i keep meaning to post about it. i’ll try to get going on that so you can see it a little better.

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