go {basecamp hotel}

a quick note – you might notice the blog looks a little different.  well, the new year always puts me in the mood to organize, and since i was baking a baby in january, my efforts have been a little delayed this year.  i’m trying to pare down at home, and it’s no different here.  i’ve tried to put some of the more popular posts in easy-to-get-to areas so they can be found quickly.  it’s a work in progress for both, and if you’ve got a suggestion, pipe up – i’d love to hear it.  now, onto regular business…

we are currently buried in snow, with more to come tomorrow – enough already!  thursday brought white-out conditions, and i was thankful that our little family could stay safe at home and just watch it come down.  it was really like a mountain snow – you know when you’re at the top of a ski slope and it just starts dumping and the wind kicks up and then you can’t see?  ok, maybe i have just had the misfortune to have had that happen.  i heard that the official measurement for kansas city was 13 inches, which is more than we’ve had in two years, and it was kind of fun to have a good old-fashioned snow day.  well, all this snow has me daydreaming about a little adventure to a place called the basecamp hotel in south lake tahoe.  equal parts funky and rustic, it looks like a great place to add to our must-do list for either summer or winter – or both!

{‘the great indoors’ room, complete with a tent}



{how fun would this be if you brought a herd of people!?!}BaseCamp_Explorer_room

{family style}homeslide6




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