birthdays {on the brain}

b-man is turning 2 at the end of august, so i’ve recently been thinking about birthdays.  like kids room’s, i’m not into the whole character thing, but i do enjoy having a fun theme.  i mean, it’s a kid’s birthday party.  i have an idea that i’m leaning towards, but these darling photos have me keeping my options open.

{hot air balloon photo booth}

{super heroes – he’ll appreciate this one more in a few years}

beckett is really into baseball at the moment, so this could be a contender.  between watching jared play softball and having the royals’ game on nearly every night, he has picked up on how it’s done.  he will use anything as a bat (remote, toy, decorative object), hold it up like he’s about to swing, drop it and run.  it’s pretty hilarious.

{circus party –  it would be so fun to have kiddos dress up}

{for the little reader – how darling are the mini-milk glasses?}

{sweet and simple zoo animals}

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One thought on “birthdays {on the brain}

  1. All cute and great ideas. Speaking from experience, (at work) most 2 year olds do not want to put on a costume, or will not keep one on more than a couple of minutes. They do better at 3 or 4. (:

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