restoring faith {in humanity}

i was watching a few minutes of the today show this morning and a few stories came on that were just plain disgusting – a school bus monitor reduced to tears by taunting kids, the trial of a suspect in a case of a boy set on fire, and of course, jerry sandusky.  i said outloud to beckett, ‘i’m so glad you’re too little to understand all this.”  he responded with a great big smile, and it just made me want to guard him forever from all the the ugly in our world.  fast forward a few hours and i saw a link to a story online that caught my eye.  i clicked, and it did exactly what the title said it would do – ‘restored my faith in humanity.’  it’s a pretty short little article with some amazing pictures, and i would encourage you to take just a few minutes to go through it.  what a great reminder that there are plenty of good people sharing our planet.  here’s the link to the story – read it, and pass it along.  let’s overwhelm the ugly in our world with a whole lotta good.

{this is the one that brought me to tears}

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