beckett {21 months}

the short guys is 21 months now, which i think is just bonkers.  you mean i’m going to have a 2-year-old???

he is busy busy, and honestly, that has got to be an understatement.  for example, last night, while i was unloading groceries, he was doing shuttle runs in the kitchen for about 20 minutes.  this cannot be normal.  he is counting from 1 – 10, knows his colors, several shapes, and quite a few letters too.  we haven’t been pushing him, but he genuinely seems interested, so we’re going with it.  he is still loving all things with a motor, and my dad thinks he has a little engineer brain, which he had to get from his grandfathers.  his parents do not have engineer brains.   he loves to color, play with sidewalk chalk, and still enjoys books when he’s in the mood.  we haven’t been to the pool yet, but he really loves the water, so i hope he’ll love the pool too.

on the not-so-great side, he has sure been testing the limits.  he loves to throw things, but we don’t love that.  i do understand the concept is hard.  throw the ball – yay, you’re great!  but, don’t throw the toy, shoe, cup, etc!  i think my fuse has been a little short lately, but i am struggling with how to handle these situations.  i’m trying to be calm, get down to his level, and just talk to him.  unfortunately, it’s not working.  i do understand that he is still young.  any hot tips???

overall, he is an easy-going happy kid.   he is sweet, sweet, sweet, and a little charmer.

{favorite pastime – bowls of water on the patio}

{sleepyhead, wrapped up on a chilling morning}

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