are you still with me?

hi friends.  are you still checking in?  thank you if you still are!  i’ve been so bad at doing any updates lately, so i appreciate if you’re still willing to stick with me here.  i hope to kick it back into high gear, and i thank you for your patience.  now, back to business!

i have been having a major moment with modern art.  first and foremost, i love the look.  secondly, i love that, at first glance, it looks simple, but when you break it down, it’s quite complex – many layers, many colors.  i also think that it’s pretty versatile.  it can really modernize a traditional home, or take a modern home to the next level.  i’ve shown you some diy art here, but my (very simplistic!) work will never hold a candle to these pieces (all pulled from my pinterest art board).

{my very favorite right now}


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