a party {for baby emmett}

for the last several weeks, i’ve been preparing for a party to help welcome my nephew emmett (part of my distraction from the blog of late).  since my brother and sister-in-law live in denver, i thought it would be nice to have an open house where friends and family could come to congratulate the parents and meet the baby instead of them having to travel all over kansas city trying to do the same thing.  the party was a hit –  everyone had a great time, and even stayed late.  it was very much a team effort to pull this off, and i have to give equal credit to my dear husband, parents, and aunt and uncle for efforts great and small.  here are a few of the party details.  come back tomorrow for more scoop and a few of my own party tips.

{the gorgeous guest of honor}

{b-man sneaking a little icing}

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