diy: art

i ran across this painting months ago, and i thought it was so simple and beautiful.  a perfect little statement for just about any room, so i kept it in the back of my mind until i came up with a place for it.

this gal has some really beautiful artwork in a ton of different color palettes, but art isn’t really something that’s on our list to invest in the moment – eventually, yes.    well, i got a wild hair and decided i’d try and do something similar myself – this is the little project i was telling you about yesterday.  jen’s work is on paper and framed, but i wanted to keep it as easy as possible (less room for error!) and picked up a few white canvases.  i got to work mixing, and started brushing on a few stripes (i did practice first).  i started with a tube of light blue but after some playing around, wanted a little more green – well, i didn’t have green paint, but i did have green food coloring.  fyi, it works.  i added the gold stripes last, and i love the little zing it added.  i also painted the edges gold to act as a frame and make it stand out a little from our white bookshelves.  they’re far from perfect and i’m not sure i’m totally sold on the new look, but i definitely love the paintings and i’ve got some ideas for the next time i play around with paint (you can expect nothing fancier than lines and circles!).  these are hanging on command strips, so when we’re sick of the ‘art on the shelves’ look, we can take them off without any damage.


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