happy mothers’ day {to my mom}

happy happy mothers’ day to my dear sweet mother.  it never ceases to amaze me how much this woman will do for me – from watching b-man on a moment’s notice to schlepping me around town when my car is in the shop, she will stop at nothing to make my life easier, and i am forever grateful.  she is an amazing role model – watching her take challenges in stride, helping others, and continuing to push herself makes me want to strive for the same things.   she gives of herself though no one may be watching.  she doesn’t need the encouragement; to do the good deed is enough.

she always has a wise word to offer.  “to whom much is given, much is expected” and “this too shall pass” are a few favorites that have really stuck with me.  in my younger days, i only viewed them as lectures (she’s a great lecture-giver :)), but i’ve come to rely upon her encouraging and wise words.  frankly, i think she could talk anyone ‘off the ledge’.

she is special, she is lovely, and above all else, she is mom.  i love you.

“slightly more than half of everything i am is thanks to you”.  to find out what i mean, check this out.  your nursing background will appreciate it.

{in a favorite spot – the front porch of the cabin}

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One thought on “happy mothers’ day {to my mom}

  1. She’s a great mom model for me too (and friend)! And I can tell her children have inherited her wisdom! Hugs!

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