happy happy {mothers’ day}

beckett and i went to our MOPs meeting this morning (find a group near you here), and when i picked him up, they handed me this.

{oh, be still my beating heart}

it’s his little finger prints!  this is his first piece of artwork that i haven’t been involved in.  i know it probably seems like no big deal, but it made me pretty darn happy to get this today.  it’s something i will most definitely have forever and ever.

we had a few trying days this week – we were without a car for a few days (our 5 year old car was getting a new air conditioner – thanks for the crappy a/c volkswagen) and stuck at home, which doesn’t suit us too well, and b reacted with copious amounts of whining.  oh boy, it had me a little frustrated.  i really shouldn’t complain about something so dumb, but i learned that we both really like getting out of the house – we need it.  we’ve been back to our regular groove the past two days, and we’re both much happier campers.

so a super high and a (sort of) low for the week.  and that is how parenting is, but i have to say there are a hundred highs for every low.

have a great weekend.  go hug yo mama.

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One thought on “happy happy {mothers’ day}

  1. Definitely frameable!!! I wish I had framed my guys’ early efforts, so don’t make my mistake!! Hugs!

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