weekend {in pictures}

we had a full weekend…

we kicked it off with a school carnival, and back at home, a visit with great friends.  when we went to check on beckett at the end of the night, we found this.

{sleeping like a log}

a few funny things here:  1)  sure, it’s completely light in there.  isn’t that what you do for your kids?  actually, he can reach the light switch from his crib, and turned it on.  no wonder it took him so long to fall asleep that night.  2) the poor kid’s legs are through the crib slats.  3) yes, that’s his entire room in his crib.  he must have 3 blankets, a tiger and ernie.  i mean, who could think about sleep without this stuff!?!   4) also, yep, it’s a onesie over pants.  we forgot to snap it first, and we were much to lazy to fix it.

b has developed a shoe addiction.  he is my child!  he wants shoes (his, mine, or jared’s) on…and off….and on….and off.  now you know what we did all weekend.

{big shoes to fill –  his ol’ dad is quite the guy}

a special breakfast on mother’s day.  not only did i get to sleep in, but the boys went out and hunted pastries and coffee and whipped up some eggs too.

our little buddy has turned into quite the climber.  i think his future in gymnastics could be bright.

we finished off the weekend with a family gathering with both sides at our house for lunch (unfortunately, i forgot to bust out the camera -so unlike me)  – and some playtime in the backyard, just the three of us.  let spinfest 2012 commence!

{my herbs are getting bigger by the day}

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