cleaning up

january really makes me want to organize, paint everything white, and start anew.  i’ve been busy the last few days trying to bring some order to a few places that have been…well, messy is an understatement.  yesterday, i spent about an hour collapsing boxes that we’ve been keeping in our basement.  said boxes have been there since we moved in (so over 5 years!), un-boxed big stuff for beckett (pack&play, etc.), or from the plethora of amazon shipments we get at christmastime.  i was sick of looking at them, so off they will go to recycle-land.  those recycle guys are really going to hate me tomorrow.  while the basement is still packed with stuff (mostly baby {nearly 3 tubs full of outgrown clothes} and christmas decor), it does feel a bit less cluttered.  a small win.

my other little project, i saw on pinterest (of course), and the only thing i required to get it done was a tension rod to the tune of $5.  i set out to do this on sunday, but found that we had a leak under the sink – oh joy.  why is it when you want to do something simple, it always gets complicated.  the plumber has come and gone, and so i got to work.  now the cleaning products under the sink are lifted up, leaving more room in the tubs to corral the other little stuff.  another small win, but add on a trip to goodwill to unload some old clothes, and i’d say the house is feeling a little lighter.  next area, the office closet.  yikes.  i am dreading taking that one on.

before – full disclosure here.  please say i’m not the only one with a place like this!?!

oh, good lord, that was bad.  and after…

yippee!  such a mundane thing, but i feel compelled to pass along clever ideas that other people think of.  :)

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