turkey day recap

we had a great thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house last week.  my brother and his wife made the trip in from denver, which was a treat, and family members here in kc were all in attendance.  i am kicking myself for not taking more pictures than i did, but i was distracted chasing a toddler in a brand new place.  at the end of the night, aunt nancy unveiled a few christmas decorations – it was our own little lighting ceremony.  who needs the plaza!?!

{there was potato peeling – the boys’ job}

{and gravy making – granny’s job}

{and football playing}

{and a little turkey with a pigskin}

saturday, we changed gears, and headed to arrowhead for the mu/ku game.  the first half was a nail-biter.  three interceptions – seriously franklin!?!  but the tigers came through in the second half and prevailed over the jayhawks.  i was so happy to spend the day with one of my dearest friends (and the most fashionable gal you’ll ever meet!), stacy, and chit-chat when the game got less intense.  honestly, it’s pretty impressive that we watched any of it.

{stacy and matt}

i know i look ridiculous, but it was cold!  and windy!  i was never so happy to have a hood!

{the michelin man twins}

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