who needs a kitchen island!?!

i had lunch with some of my old work buddies in the river market yesterday.  it was great to catch up and get the the lowdown on what’s changed since i left  the workforce – hello jeans day every day!  we went to a great little place called cafe al dente at 4th and delaware (i would like to recommend the offside sandwich – yum!).  after lunch, there i found myself in the river market with about an hour before nap time, so the short guy and i walked across the street to peruse one of my favorite antique shops.  i’ve talked about it here.  i came across this old school drafting table, and stopped in my tracks.  i think it would make a really awesome kitchen island.  keep the body just the same for a little industrial vibe, and redo the top with a hunk of butcher block or marble.  it would take up all the floor space of our current kitchen, but if it’s still there in a decade when we move, i’m going back for it!  i’ll take that stool too!


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