river market antique mall

i love a good antique mall.  the one in kansas city’s river market is three stories plus a basement filled from floor to ceiling with a fair amount of junk and a lot of treasures.  i went perusing this past weekend looking for a subject for a new project.  of course, you can’t help but get a little off track in a place like that.  there is just so much to look at!  here are a few of the treasures i spotted on my little adventure.

this painting was in the bathroom, and it looked just like the place where we backpacked in colorado a few years ago.yes, i pulled out my phone and took a picture – don’t judge.

i thought this art piece was pretty awesome.  it’s string looped around the pegs, making a really cool design.  it was giant, and just looked bright and playful.  would be perfect for a kids’ play room.  

i really liked this coffee table. love the mid-century vibe, just a beautiful hunk of wood.  the black chair behind it was sweet too – it’s a recliner!  you don’t come across stylish recliners very often.  

turns out, i have a thing for chairs.  i want to adopt all the sad ones and give them a makeover.  i loved this chair and thought it would be great in our front room with some paint and some kicky new fabric.  and it was only $30!!  i texted jared the picture, and got this in return:  “easy chair lady.  i think we are running out of chair space, and we each only have one ass.”  point taken.  

this pepto bismal pink coffee table caught my eye in the very back corner of the top floor.  really, how could you not see it?  hated the color, but pondered what it could be.

check back in (hopefully!) tomorrow to see which piece came home with me and what i did with it!

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3 thoughts on “river market antique mall

  1. Cb – the quote from jared was priceless and made me laugh out loud. Hysterical. Looking forward to what you reinvented :)

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