giddy up

well, the short guy begged to be a cowboy this year…or, we had a bunch of left over bandanas from his birthday and a new souvenir cowboy hat brought from the wall drug store.  i can’t remember which.  either way, he made a pretty cute little cowboy last night, even if he wasn’t in the smiling mood for the pictures.  in fact, recently, he’s adopted the ‘stunned’ look for the camera – not ideal, but i’ll take what i can get.  we borrowed some cowboy boots from a friend – thanks anna and remy!  they totally made the outfit, and had him walking like a real cowboy, which had us laughing so hard.  when the actual trick-or-treating started, he was so intrigued and watched each time as we went to the door.  otherwise, it was business as usual playing with his plethora of toys.


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