before and after: antique mall project

have you been on the edge of your seat all day long just waiting to see what i brought home from the antique mall and put my spin on??  that’s what i thought.  well, without further ado (i had to look that up), here she is…

oh boy, can you believe i bought that??  a search for a coffee table is what instigated my trip to the antique mall in the first place, so it was a successful outing.  we wanted to replace the ottoman in our family room, and since we have a toddler (yes, he’s walking!), we need to have a coffee table with soft edges and corners.  i knew i wanted to give something a fairly major overhaul, so i was really just looking for the right legs, and she had them.  my idea was to upholster the top of the table, turning a dowdy coffee table into a pretty cool ottoman.  here’s the finished product.  (tomorrow, the how-to!)


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