an open and shut case

the ‘case’ being my cabinets.  the short guy has figured out how to open them and must think that inside is where magical things await him (unfortunately for him, it’s no narnia, just blankets).  he must have opened and closed this about 967 times today.  amazing the things that can entertain a child.  on that note, i swear that we’re not buying him another toy.  he prefers things like empty water bottles, dvd cases, cell phones and remote controls.  our house is filled with colorful, plastic, made-for-the-short-guy toys, and he will make a b-line for a digital clock any day.

pardon the mess here.  i’m tinkering around with things, and not exactly sure what the heck i’m doing.  stick with me!  now, wave bye-bye to our friends beckett…

have a good weekend!


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