a little bit country

we spent this past weekend at the cabin, and it was great.  granny was on a roll with her stories of growing up in windyville and provided a lot of laughter.  miller was spoiled with walks and playing in the creek, and beckett was spoiled with attention.  he was fascinated with the knots in the pine floor and kept us all entertained with his many sounds.  my parents got b his very own carhartt shirt, of which i failed to get a picture, but it was pretty darn cute.  we enjoyed meals al fresco and we may have put a little bailey’s in our coffee each morning…hey, we were on vacation!  i love living in kansas city, but i also love getting out in the country, breathing that air, and not seeing a highway or a target for just a few days.  it’s like a deep breath for my soul.

my parents got a new toy, so we took it for a spin both days.  

we met this fella on our way.

beckett is going to get such a kick out of the animals down there when he gets a little older.  this guy was crossing the road.

these butterflies were everywhere this weekend.  also everywhere were the cicadas!  they were so loud at some times that it was a relief to go inside and get a break from their ‘singing’.  apparently, it’s a big year for these guys.  yay.

{our storyteller and the short guy}

{our always fabulous hosts.  i adore them.}

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