on the move

we have been doing a lot of baby chasing around here.  the short guy has been doing laps around the house tonight and has been as animated as we’ve ever seen him.  we can no longer blink, as he will be across the room on his way to something not baby-appropriate.  he is developing such a personality, and has turned into a very social, very happy, easy-going little guy.  he smiles and laughs so easily now, and it seems our mission each day is to get him to do as much of both as we can.  he has figured out peek-a-boo, learned to wave, and has added ‘nine-nine-nine’ to his vocabulary (though we can’t tell if he’s counting or speaking german).   he has exhibited some separation anxiety, and those times are no fun (and loud), but i do think it’s getting better.  he is a good little eater, and is beginning to transition to mushed up versions of what we’re eating – current favorite is spaghetti, hates peas.  it really blows my mind how much he is learning and developing right now.  i mean, he was just a sweet ‘baby lump’ a mere 9 months ago.  he is a great kid, and we are so very lucky to call him ours.

{click image to make bigger}


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