hair-do help

if you’re like me, you want to have hair that looks nice, but not too fixed.  if you’re like me, you also have no idea how to get there.  recently, i stumbled onto these tutorials on b. jones style blog, and it has been kind of fun to experiment with my own do.  she calls hair “your cheapest accessory”, and i love that she views it as part of your look.  she has some everyday ideas and some for more dressed up occasions.  click here to get to her tutorials (videos, which make it super easy!), and then click newer entries to thumb through them.  hope you’ll try something fun with your cheapest accessory this weekend.

{a blurry example of what i did with my own hair last weekend}



i ran across some photos from prada’s fall 2011 show this past week.  it’s hard to think about fall when i just want spring to arrive, but it’s fun to look forward in fashion.  not only did i find the clothes striking, but the footwear particularly caught my eye.  it looks like there might be a suede or leather ‘sock’ worn with a mary-jane, and they remind me a bit of spats.  maybe they could pull double duty as shoes and boots – the best of both worlds!  i love the contrast in color all around and the natural looking hair and make-up that balance out the clothes.

the drop-waist gives a nod to the 20’s…

add a little funk to your fall…

so prim and proper…

love this ladylike coat…

this peek makes me want to do a little more digging to see what’s in store for us this fall.

threads to wear

i’m feeling a little under the weather today, so i decided that if i dressed up i would automatically feel better.  and by dress up, i mean get out of my standard leggings and t-shirt morning outfit and put on a shoe with a heel.  i think it’s working.  or maybe it’s the two cups of coffee.

pardon the terrible background.  i’ll do better next time.

wish list…j. crew

i was thumbing through the j. crew catalog the other night, and as usual, i want everything.  as i went through cherry-picking the items that i would most love to have, i found that i have a real thing for stripes and plaids.  when i was young, i only wanted to wear solid colors, and i can remember, in high school, my mom telling me that she was “not going to buy me anything else that was so plain”.  i loved my simple t-shirts then, but now i appreciate a great pattern and fabulous accessories.  here are a few items that are on my wish list…

i know these are little girl’s shoes, but i think i could squeeze my feet into them.