i ran across some photos from prada’s fall 2011 show this past week.  it’s hard to think about fall when i just want spring to arrive, but it’s fun to look forward in fashion.  not only did i find the clothes striking, but the footwear particularly caught my eye.  it looks like there might be a suede or leather ‘sock’ worn with a mary-jane, and they remind me a bit of spats.  maybe they could pull double duty as shoes and boots – the best of both worlds!  i love the contrast in color all around and the natural looking hair and make-up that balance out the clothes.

the drop-waist gives a nod to the 20’s…

add a little funk to your fall…

so prim and proper…

love this ladylike coat…

this peek makes me want to do a little more digging to see what’s in store for us this fall.


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