a few favorites

a few little things have made it to my favorites list lately, and everything is under $14!  let’s get to it.

first, the pop socket.  it’s a weird little pop-out thingy that attaches to the back of your phone, and it solves a problem i didn’t even know i had.  you’re probably holding your phone now, do you feel how tense your hand is?  this thing let’s you relax your hand because it slips between your fingers to help you keep your phone steady, making it easier to both read your phone and take pics.  it also works to prop your phone up…say, to let your kid watch a show so you can say two words to your spouse at your dinner out….not that i’ve done it.  anyway, i barely use my phone without it now.

this green bb cream might scare you because it’s green, but since green and red are opposites on the color wheel, it softens any redness in your skin.  i bought it for a few small areas on my face, but it even works well for all-over if you don’t want to use two different products.  it fades right away from green to, what they call, a ‘universally-flattering’ color as you rub it in.  it’s a pretty decent bb cream on the cheap.

ok, i do love a la croix straight up, but drop a few of these vanilla creme stevia drops in and it takes it to the next level.  my favorite combo is the stevia drops + orange la croix = you’ve got yourself a drinkable creamsicle with basically no calories!  i could drink them all day long.  also, the bottle lasts foreeevvveeeerrrr.  like, i think almost a year.

i’m sure you’ve seen the sign at starbucks for the new coconut cold brew.  i’m here to tell ya it’s good, and wayyyyy lower in calories than a latte, which is what i really want, but i’m trying to cut back on.  it’s a lot less sweet, but still hits the spot.

and i saved the best for last, because this muscle tee plus shorts, jeans, skirt, whatever, will be my uniform for spring and summer.  wear it with birkenstocks and studs for day, dress it up with some statement earrings and heeled booties for evening.  i just really love a good, simple tee, and i went one size up for a little looser fit.  it comes in 6 solids and one stripe, and i just don’t think you could go wrong in buying one of each.

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