i’m dreaming of a white kitchen

y’all.  i have dreamed of a white kitchen for close to a decade now, and i think it’s finally on the horizon.  we moved into this house 4 years ago (when b was 2 1/2) with the thought that it would be one of our first projects, but we had a kid and then another kid, and quickly our project list fell off the cliff of stuff you don’t worry about when you have three kids 6 and under.  we used to be project people before all these kids, and i so miss that sense of accomplishment after a day of hard work.  we are not afraid to get our hands dirty (we actually really like it) but, we will not be doing this particular project ourselves….because i’m scared to death of messing it up.  so it will be left to the professionals, and we can blame them if something goes wrong.  ;)  all that said, it’s time to revisit the 267 white kitchens i’ve filed away on pinterest to determine how we’ll finish it all off.  we still need to choose a white for the cabinets, new backsplash, and don’t tell jared yet, a new faucet and drawer handles and pulls.  here’s where my head’s at…

kitchen story board

a few things are already in place.  the cabinets, while not what i would choose if i were building, are great quality and totally workable.  the countertops, again, while they’re not my favorite – they are a mostly-black granite, totally fine, and it’s not in the budget to change them.  the pendants over the island were one of the first things we changed here.  light fixtures can totally change the look of a room for not a ton of money!  and the runner is already here as well.

mom, i’m totally eating my words from all those years ago that i would ‘NEVER HAVE BRASS IN MY HOUSE.’  things really do come full circle.  actually, it’s brushed brass.  ;)  we did marble subway tile in our last house, and i think we might do the exact same thing again.  i love the subway look, but the marble takes it up a notch, and it’s a pretty classic look – i mean, the grecians were using the heck out of marble thousands of years ago.  it’s not going anywhere.  i’ve considered painting the island a more fun color – like navy or a soft green-blue – but with dark granite, i think it would look weird.  and i REALLY REALLY wish new countertops were in the budget, but sadly they are not, so we’ll roll with what we have until we can level off the counter (we have a bar now) and put in something in the white family.

here are a few other kitchens where i’m loving the vibe…and seem to pin them over and over again.

probably my very favorite at the moment…whitegreenkitchen







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4 thoughts on “i’m dreaming of a white kitchen

  1. Yay for you guys! You’ll love it! Where’d you get that runner? It’s great! We did a white kitchen with brass pulls and light fixtures as well. Our contractor thought we were a bit crazy bringing the brass back, but once it was finished, he loved it. Be sure to post some before, during, and after pics!

  2. It’s so fun to spruce up a room…especially one that you spend so much time in! I have a lot of similar kitchens pinned! I love the white and brass! Our kitchen is on our “to do” list too, but we still have a lot of decisions to make first. I love all of your ideas, and I hope you get to put them into place soon!

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