a few goals and my winter essentials

so, the holiday season is over.  wah, wah.  but i do love a fresh start, and that my friends, is what we have.  we actually didn’t start all that fresh over here, with everyone taking turns being sick for several weeks and news that chloe needs tubes for her ears.  BUT, i am determined to start fresh this week.  in fact, i’m treating this week as my new year.  so if that’s what you need too, i’m giving you permission for a late start as well.  as chloe has been saying lately, let’s do this!

i haven’t done resolutions in a long time, but i took a shot at making some goals for myself for 2017, and i’m sharing a few today.  my over-arching theme is self-care.  sounds a little selfish, i know, but quite honestly, i have put myself completely on the back burner since becoming a mother, and i have been pretty happy to be there.  but i feel myself coming out of the baby phase, i’m 100% good with it, and i feel like i can take charge of me for the first time in a loooooong time.  and i think the better i take care of me, the better i can take care of this family.  that means a) being even more conscientious about food – planning, what we eat, and less sugar for everyone, b) taking time for just me sometimes, and being ok with it (forever grappling with that mom guilt!), and c) working out consistently.  i have been on and off the wagon so many times with exercise, and it’s time i jump on for good.  i’m not doing this just for swimsuit season. for the first time in my life, i feel weak, and i don’t like it.  i was on a big kick with BBG last spring – it’s manageable and time-effective (under 30 minutes!), not to mention, i saw the fastest results i’ve ever seen with my body – so that’s what i plan to get back to and mix in some yoga as well.

now, to the good stuff – a few winter essentials….

first, the midwest weather is so unpredictable – last week, it was 60 one day!  but we still have our fair share of freezing days, and i. do. not. like. to. be. cold.  so i have a few favorites i thought i’d share with you.

fleece-lined leggings.  oh my gosh, these are game-changing when you still want to throw on some leggings, but it’s freezing outside.  they make such a huge difference.  mine are from target a few years ago, but i found similar ones here, here, and here.

cute winter coat. i feel like everyone needs a coat you can throw on with anything.  i can wear this with work-out wear to feel more put-together and just as easily put it on for a winter night out.  i bought it last year and i’m still obsessed with it.  my mom loved it so much that she got one in navy.    mine is j. crew.  a few other fun options here and here.

sneakers.  ok, mom-life is so much easier in comfy shoes.  i’m in constant motion chasing hudson, who is a tiny wrecking ball on feet, and my days usually consist of running a few errands in addition to running after kids.  i got these for christmas, and i LOVE them.  they’re a dusty pink, and they seem to go with just about everything.  these and these are great too.  and these and these are on sale!

beanie – for those days when you just can’t with your hair.  cute, cute, and cuuuuuute!

tell me, what are you doing this year that’s just for you?  and the more important question, how are you staying motivated to do it?


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2 thoughts on “a few goals and my winter essentials

  1. Love it! You can come Jazzercise with me sometime!!! It is the only workout that I have enjoyed! Love the blog keep it up.

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