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well, sheesh.  i really didn’t expect to be completely absent here for almost a month.  the last few weeks have been fast and furious and long and full, and well, exhausting. christmas was amazing this year with the excitement level we had over here – definitely the best yet!  we rang in the new year with sweet friends, and watched our kids go bonkers – which quite frankly, is very typical.  and we tried every trick in the book to keep the kids entertained over christmas break.  good lord, i love them, but the energy level that they maintain all day leaves me both tired and in awe.


here’s the million dollar question – what do you do to burn your kids energy when you’re stuck at home?  none of my kids know how to sit still.

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2 thoughts on “life lately

  1. I feel ya! Sometimes I’ll put a crib mattress or two on the floor and let them jump around on them (they still think this is more fun than their mini trampoline). Or I’ll ask Brian to wrestle with them if he’s home. The other day I told them they could put coats and boots on and run a lap outside around the house. They came back and asked if they could go again :) And I love all the cute pics in this post!

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