festive for the holidays

tis the season for about eleventy billion holiday events!  i’m not complaining, because it means being social and dressing up – two things that i’m always happy to do!  in the past week, we’ve been to jared’s office party, a musical, a neighborhood party, and a friend’s annual party…these were back-to-back nights and we were so whipped by sunday, but it’s a great problem to have!  this week, i’m going to share a few fun holiday outfits that got me through the aforementioned event explosion.  the first look is for something on the more casual side, but you could easily dress up this top with black pants, a pencil skirt, or maybe some sequins??   let me say that this top is so. flipping. cute. that you’ll want to wear it all the time.  i’ve already worn it to two holiday events, and i don’t plan to stop.  it always gets a compliment, and the plaid is on point for the christmas season and beyond.


enjoy the golden glow of the post-baby hair fall-out/grow-back-again flyaways.


also, these jeans, they’re like buttah.  they are high-waist, super stretch, and come in petites for stubby people like me!  the jacket is from my favorite things post.

not a great picture below, but this does the best job of showing the top.


ok, i’m outta time.  the kids are raiding the pantry and the baby is hollering for me to come get him up from his nap.

topjeansjacketbracelet – earrings (old) similar similar – shoes (old) similar

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