i digress, and a diy

last week I had a nasty cold and just felt rather dull all around. i kind of felt like the universe was telling me to hit the pause button and look inward. weird, i know, but that’s what I did. i was more thoughtful about my day, spent more one on one time with the kids – lunch at school with b, 2 hrs straight of play-doh with c, and up and down the stairs more times than i can count with h (just following that boy around is an exercise program). writing here felt trivial so I didn’t force it, and honestly, it felt good to let go of some of that pressure (that I put on myself) and just be. now, all that said, i still don’t have it all together this week, but it was a nice little refresher and reminded me that it’s ok to slow down sometimes.  and this still applies:
yep, i mostly feel like i’m running around like a crazy person all day.  it doesn’t help that i can’t seem to focus on any one thing and bring it to completion.  i start something in the kitchen, go get something in the pantry to finish it, discover that stack of magazines i’ve been hoarding and flip thru one, think of an outfit idea and run upstairs to pull it before i forget about it, and find an old sweater that needs to go to goodwill.  that spurs a closet clean out, and before i know it, hudson is awake, and i can’t remember where i started  (please tell me i’m not the only one who does this).  and that’s basically what was happening when i did this little diy.  i started it, and in between coats of paint, i was trying to cram as much into nap time as i could.  i finally came back and finished it at 4pm after having started it at 10am.  one day, i will learn the art of focus.  i think.  i hope.
so, let’s get to the point here.  i wanted to make a few frames a little more festive for the holidays by adding some sparkle.  all i did was use painters’ tape to mark where i wanted the gold to go, and i hopped to it.  i’m not one to do a lot of measuring (sorry dad), so i totally eyeballed this, and decided to go asymmetrical so that anything would look ok.  i’m super happy with the way it turned out, and i might just add gold accents to every frame in the house. or, little fluorescent accents would be cute in a kid’s room.  or black and white stripes would be fun too.  or a rainbow.  really, the options are infinite!  and, who doesn’t love a project where perfection isn’t necessary?!?
tape it, paint it (a few coats), pull the tape.
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6 thoughts on “i digress, and a diy

  1. I love this idea! I need to re-do a wall gallery and I’m definitely going to try this… someday :) And do you mind sharing where you got those plates and the print in the frame? Thanks!

      1. That would be great! Target recently? And does she sell her work? You can pm me on facebook if that’s easier. Thanks!

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