beckett & chloe {2 1/2 & 1 month}

ok, so i know i’m way late to the party on this one (since chloe turned two months on monday) – i’m way late to the party on just about everything these days.  if i could just figure out how to get 26 hours in each day, i think i’d be swimming instead of feeling like i’m just treading water.  we are figuring out life with two littles, and while some days feel like we’re cruising, others feel like we have a lot left to figure out.  here’s what’s happening with our short people…

beckett, you are a wild man at home.  you love to ‘go fast’ {sprinting up and down the hall} and use your ‘outside voice’ far more than we’d like {we’re working on that one}.  it has been a looooong winter trying to burn all that energy at home.  it’s funny though, once you’re in a place with a lot of other people, you do a 180 – you turn quiet and observant.  we’ve been going to story time at our library for over a year now, and while you’re excited to go, once we get there, you pretty much park it on my lap.  it’s so interesting to see a completely different side of you, and i wonder what is going on in that little head of yours.

you are now potty trained!  it was not awesome, but it’s done.  we’ll leave it at that.

you still love trains, and we have succumbed to letting you watch train videos most mornings just so we can lay in bed a little longer.  i hope to can this once we are getting some more sleep around here.  paw-paw and mema took you to parkville to see the trains while we were in the hospital having chloe.  since then, we’ve gone a handful of times, though you’d like to do it every day.  your favorite part is to watch the ‘ding-dings’ go down to block traffic.  you beam when you see the train, and immediately ask to see another one.

you are really starting to have great sentence structure now, so you sound like such a little man.  it has been amazing to see your language develop.  you are now counting from 1 – 10 in spanish, which you learned from a song i sing from sesame street when i was a kid.  the term ‘kids are sponges’ has never resonated more.

you are starting to make-believe a little, acting out something that you saw on tv or in a book.  you still love music, and have a new love for making and playing in forts.

you got your hair cut after these pictures because the back was just plain unruly all the time.  it has made you look so grown up.  between your new do and your big boy undies, i can hardly bear it.



chloe, you put even beckett’s surfer baby demeanor to shame.  you are so peaceful, and pretty much only cry if you’re hungry or cold, and rarely very hard.  you are a happy little camper and smiled for the first time on your one month birthday.  you kind of forget that a little person is inside until this happens.

you’re starting to hold up your little head and hold someone’s gaze, studying whatever it is you see.

as far as looks go, if i’m being honest my dear, one month was a bit of an awkward spot.  you are bald on top {we call this the dr. phil look} and have baby acne {why do these poor babies have to get this??}.  you are also getting some pretty incredible little cheeks, which i think are divine.  we’re not sure yet what color your eyes will be.  they seem to be getting lighter.

we are calling you chloe, of course, but your nicknames include clostine {middle name is christine}, clover, clobell, and clobule {the name of my dad’s grandfather – yes, that’s real}.

you’re sleeping pretty well considering you’re a newborn.  i’m usually up twice a night, but sometimes just once, and you’ve gone stretches of up to 4 or 5 hours, which is a win in my book. during the day, you’re up about an hour at a time.




when these pictures were taken, beckett was still just loving chloe.  at two months, though, i think the honeymoon is over and he is testing the limits quite frequently around here.  while there is a lot of sweet, there is a little more spice than usual.  more on that in the next update, which i hope to put up before c is 3 months old.



{yes, chloe, you’re stuck with us…and mama needs a pedicure}IMG_2694




5 thoughts on “beckett & chloe {2 1/2 & 1 month}

  1. You didn’t mention that Beckett has been sneaking away to tattoo parlors after you guys go to sleep.

  2. They are both so adorable! Look and act just like their adorable mom and dad did when they were babies and you turned out beautiful. Can’t wait for the next set of pictures!

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