oh baby {it’s a …}

last week we had an ultrasound of this little booger.  most importantly, baby appears to be healthy.  all the important parts are there and working, and we are so happy and relieved about that news.  when i was pregnant with beckett, we decided we wanted to keep the sex a surprise.  it was a great decision, and an incredible moment when he made his debut.  jared had been sure he was a girl all along, but my money had been on a boy.  i remember saying ‘hi beckett’ as soon as they handed him to me.  it was a sweet moment.

this time, we decided to try something new and find out who this little person is…

turns out, it’s a girl!  we are thrilled to be adding a little girl to our family, and i’m so happy we found out.  this time around, i feel much more distracted, and it’s definitely helping me to connect a little more.  also helping is that she is starting to kick around quite a bit, and jared felt his first few jabs this week.  it’s crazy to be able to talk about her using identifying pronouns and think only about girl names – it’s just totally different from the last time around.  and you know i’ve already been shopping for this girl!  i’m really trying to restrain myself, but i am having a hard time passing up leggings.  who knew that would be my weakness??

we are already daydreaming, just like we did with beckett, about what she will look like, sound like, and what kind of personality she’ll have.  we just can’t wait to meet this little nugget.  with everything that happens at the end of the year (plus a little something else we have going on…more on that later), i’m sure january will be here before we know it.  until then, i’ll be happily baking this baby girl.


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