weekend {in pictures}

well, nothing like a week off of blogging, right?  i feel like sometimes i just need a little break, and i suppose i was being a little lazy last week.  since i didn’t do it last monday, here’s a recap of our past two weekends…

{new entry lighting}

{baby balancing}

memorial day weekend, we headed to the cabin.  first stop on saturday, this totally great, albeit dumpy, fabric shop in springfield.  they have an unbelievable number of fabrics, and they are dirt cheap.

{one small corner}

meanwhile, this was happening at the bass pro shop.

obviously, between hole-in-the-wall fabric shops, toddlers on atv’s and hanging in the river, we like to keep it classy.

back in kc, we went for ice cream, and this sequence happened  more times than i can count.  

{rare quiet time with the short guy}

{and tomatoes growing in our very own backyard}

if you can’t tell, i’ve become quite the fan of instagram.  if you fancy, follow me @carabrooner.


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