happy anniversary…

…to chasing shiny objects!  today marks one year of being in the blogosphere, and i just wanted to say thank you – whether you’ve read one post or all of them.  so many of you have told me that you like what’s going on here, and i truly appreciate that.  i really try to keep things interesting and relatable, and i hope you’ll keep coming back.


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9 thoughts on “happy anniversary…

  1. I love your blog too. Amy and I made a headboard for her bed a couple of weeks ago. I’ll send you pictures.

  2. i love it, cara! you inspire me to not be fearful of all lowercase. :) (among other things, of course.)

  3. I would agree I like reading your blogs..so inventive the way you do them…and all the tips you add…I really enjoy learning new things from you.. :)

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