these are a few of my favorite things

last night, i went to a ‘favorite things’ party.  i think the idea is brilliant, so i want to share it with you too.  it’s my friend meredith’s idea (kind of – or she read about it somewhere – but she brought it to our group, so i think it’s hers).  here’s the idea:  you buy three of your favorite things (all three the very same) at the agreed upon price point (ours was $5 – $10) and bring them to the party.  once you’re there, you write your name three times on little pieces of paper, and throw it in a bowl.  send the bowl around, and each person draws three names (making sure that your own is not one).  then you go around, each person explains why they love their favorite thing, and the three people whose names you’ve drawn get your favorite thing.  so you walk away with three new things!  it’s fun to see all the different stuff, and who doesn’t like going to a party and getting presents!?!  add food, wine, and good company, and you’re in for a fun night.  here were a few favorite things from last night.  click on each image for more info.

one gal brought pints of ice cream from here (sara, you’re right, the lime is heaven), and another brought cupcakes from here.

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