welcome to the ok corral

the short guy had a birthday this past weekend, and it turned out pretty great.

we started the day with balloons, which were a huge hit…  

…a gift from our sweet neighbors (hung on the fence, of course!)…

followed by a huge nap (for beckett, if you were wondering), and then the main event.

it was a cowboy theme.  yee haw!

the birthday boy was a total trooper being the center of attention – better than i would have done!  he loved the present opening…

…but was scared of the cupcake – the complete opposite of what i expected.  apparently, being presented with a foreign dessert and having a room full of people watch your every move while you decide what to do with it is scary.  who woulda thought?

he was soon a fan…

it’s just not a cowboy party without roy!

thanks to our fabulous family for being a part of beckett’s first birthday!  here’s to many more we can share!


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