back from the rockies

we have returned to the midwest, and a much higher percentage of humidity (thank goodness!), after a great trip to breckenridge.  my fam-damily met for 4 fabulous days in the mountains.  the short guy was a pretty great traveler, considering he was strapped into a car seat for 10+ hours on each travel day, and no one got eaten by a bear.  yay!  we stayed in a pretty incredible house, and we busied ourselves with activity and nothingness all at once.  the break was just what we needed, and i feel so refreshed.

{there was fishing…}

{…and lounging}

{…and game playing}

{…and breck-walking}

{…and baby-wearing}

{…and hiking}

…and more that i’ll bore you with later.  have a great weekend!

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