sorry for the dead airspace, people.  i have been highly distracted this week.  we have big weekend plans (more on that next week) for which i’ve been organizing, we’re having the exterior of our house painted, and i’ve just generally been in a bit of la-la land.  it’s hot hot hot here today, and we’re staying pretty close to home…and the air conditioning.  our poor painter must have lost 10 pounds in sweat today, and i can’t even offer him a glass of ice water because our refrigerator is dead at the moment.  the fix-it guy was here earlier, and sorry, he’ll have to order that part and will come back at the convenient time of next thursday between 1 and 5.  thanks for that.  thankfully, we have a fridge in the basement that was left with the house, which can’t be a day younger than 30…and still works perfectly i might add.

{all i want is ice!}

i probably won’t check in tomorrow, so let me bid you a very happy 4th of july weekend.  hope you’re spending it close to a pool if you’re around here.  please don’t shoot bottle rockets at each other, and leave the big bang kinda stuff up to the professionals.

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