strawberry pickin’

this has been on my list for while now, so when gieringer’s posted that wednesday would be the last day to pick, i decided it was now or never…..well, not really never.  but i didn’t want to wait another year!  i let beckett play hooky on the first day of summer school (which, thankfully, they are suuuuper casual about), and loaded up and made the hour trek.  i have such sweet memories of peach picking with beckett and chloe when she was even smaller than hudson, and blueberry picking when i was super pregnant with hudson (and almost passed out, but that’s another story), so i knew strawberry picking would be fabulous if i could get us there.  welllllll, the actual picking was not that great, but we didn’t expect a lot on the very last day.  still it was fun to be with nature, and there’s something so cool about seeing and showing the kids where food comes from.  no, it does not grow on a tree in a package.  the kids loved it too.  there was plenty to do, and the strawberry donuts and slushes will have me daydreaming for a year!

how cute is this strawberry shed!?!  considering this paint-job for our house.  what do you think my neighbors would think? ;)  IMG_1664

h wasted no time picking and eating.  like, within a minute of getting there.  IMG_1668







cheers to these amazing strawberry donuts!  i should have bought them out!IMG_1729

will definitely be trying to replicate this strawberry lemonade slush!IMG_1731

this boy, and anything with wheels and a motor.  IMG_1735


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