quick and healthy bites for the gal on the go

i have a bad eating habit during the day.  i almost never sit down to eat a meal.  i usually look at the time the kids are eating as an opportunity to get something done, which leaves me eating ‘lunch’ standing at the counter 90% of the time.  is it any wonder my kids don’t sit still for meals!?!  i don’t know why i’m constantly surprised by this.  then 1, 2, or even 3 rolls around and i’m HANGRY.  i am a known hangry person.  when i was in college and would get a burst of energy and do handstands in the middle of our room at 10 pm, my roommate would be like, ‘oh, you just ate something, didn’t you?’  when i married jared, my mom advised him to always carry a snack for his toddler new wife.  and even to this day, i can feel myself get edgy if i don’t eat.  it’s just the way i am.

so, i’ve found some random but delicious combinations that will fill you up in a hurry.  i use these as snacks and even meals sometimes, and they’re all kid-approved too!

banana + almond butter || i love justin’s maple almond butter, but any almond or peanut butter would do!

carrots + pistachios ||  my favorite are the bagged ‘petite’ carrots

yogurt + quinoa + berries || this is my favorite breakfast and hudson is always trying to steal it!  you could sub the quinoa for brown rice if you like, and top with any fruit you have handy.

carrots + pepperoni || we favor applegate turkey pepperoni around here, and the kids love making these ‘tacos’

i’m always looking for new ideas, and i’d love to hear yours!

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2 thoughts on “quick and healthy bites for the gal on the go

  1. I’ll have to try your pepperoni tacos! One of my go to snacks is similar…a little Dijon mustard on a piece of salami with a few cherry tomatoes wrapped up inside. Yum! I also eat on the go. It’s hard not too! I need a few more hours in the day and a couple of extra arms.

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