spring 10×10

have you heard of a 10×10?  you take 10 pieces from your closet, and wear only those 10 for 10 days.  simple enough, right?  i’m going to take a crack at it starting tomorrow, with the 10×10 hosted by un-fancy and the style bee.  here are my pieces…


2 pants, 1 skirt, 4 tops, and 3 layering pieces.  i think some people like to include shoes in the 10, but i’m not that hard core yet (ha!), so my 10 are all clothing, but i’ll limit my shoe use.  accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc) aren’t included in the 10, and since shoes are my very favorite accessory, i’m making this a little flexible to work for me.  also not included is activewear, sleepwear, and outerwear (with spring in the midwest, you never know what you’re gonna get!).  i’ll mix those in as usual to get to the gym and lounge around at home.

i’m also factoring in a few ‘special events’ – church and an egg hunt/brunch this sunday and a meeting next wednesday, so i threw the skirt in to make it all happen.  i might try to make it work in a more casual way too.  and that’s part of why i’m so intrigued with this.  it’ll force me to work with these pieces in ways i would not have done otherwise.  having limited choices forces creativity.  fun!


i’ll try to keep to these shoe choices, but i make no promises.  IMG_1396

so, whaddya think!?!  want to try it with me?  it starts tomorrow, and technically runs through easter, but i’ve already got an easter get-up in mind, so i’ll go through saturday.  let me know if you decide to play along!

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