catered curriculum (and a discount code!)

y’all, spring break was kinda long.  it’s a little challenging having kids in totally different places – a 6 year old that wants to be on the go ALL THE TIME, and a baby that still needs a good nap every day, and a 4 year old that falls somewhere in the middle.  i realized how thankful i am for beckett to have school, getting all the stimulation he wants and needs while i can better give the littles the slower pace they need.  BUT, having b at this age does let me see where we’ll be when hudson is a little older – we can GO and DO and SEE and not be held down by the nap!  whaaaaaaaat!?!?!  honestly, i really don’t know what happens in the world between the hours of 1 and 4 these days.

so, i was very thankful i had a few tricks up my sleeve to entertain the kids while we were at home for hudson’s naps last week.  i met delta, one of the co-founders of catered curriculum, through a friend and she recently brought over a box for us to try.  i was strategically saving it for last week to fill some time at home and was glad i did.  catered curriculum is a subscription box company founded and operated by two former preschool teachers, and it shows.  everything is explained in perfect detail with step by step instructions, packaged according to the activity it goes along with, and most importantly, the kids loved it.

IMG_1204activity box c/o catered curriculum



i did one of the simpler activities (math) with chloe that involved counting, matching, coloring, cutting and glueing…


…and i did the magnet activity (science) with both kids, who loved it equally, and it occupied them for about 30 minutes.  that’s a long time for this crew!  they got to see which of the items were magnetic, make a chart to show their findings, and then paint with the magnet.  every single little thing you need is included.  i had to search for nothing!!


all that, and we still have two more activities (reading/writing and art) to use another day – woo hoo!  now, for the best part – use discount code chasing20 for 20% off any subscription product.  happy learning!


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2 thoughts on “catered curriculum (and a discount code!)

  1. I emailed the catered curriculum girls. I couldn’t get the promo code to work. Im desperate for something to keep Joseph busy while anna naps twice a day!!!

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