inspired by {hotel saint cecilia}

we were in austin for a wedding this past weekend, where we caught up with great friends, danced our tails off, and i got reaquainted with my “y’all”.  on saturday, i met up with the wedding party on saturday while they were taking photos at the hotel saint cecilia.  whoa.  i was instantly taken and pretty much wanted to steal everything in sight – from the cement tile on the patio to the classic black and white poolside furniture to every last piece in the bungalow.  the grounds were unbeliveable, the pool was perfect, and i wanted to move into that bungalow.  it was just the right amount of modern, organic, kooky, sleek and worldly, and felt totally ‘warm’.  i took lots of mental notes and left feeling quite inspired.

{all photos are mine except where otherwise noted}










big room pic


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