we’re in the new house {and i’m coming up for air}

note to self:  moving is a pain in the ass.  and setting up shop at a new house comes with a lot of no fun little things – getting cable and internet after days without, dealing with unforeseen house issues, and tending to projects that need quick resolution – but we are so so happy to be here.

before i go any further, let me pause for a moment and tell you how instrumental our families have been during this process.  we couldn’t possibly say enough thanks for the time, energy, and sweat they have donated to us.  they are amazing, and family, i’m publicly worshipping you for all you have done!

let’s start at the beginning.  we moved 12 days ago, on the only day in months that we have had torrential downpours.  thankfully, mother nature seemed to let up at the right intervals for loading and unloading, but it was a little challenging and messy to work around.  it was so bittersweet to leave a home that we absolutely loved and had put so much into, but we know this next house will be good to us and we will be able to create memories here for many years to come.  we are slowly getting settled in, and while we still have a lot of packed boxes, our main living spaces are somewhat in order.  i’m really looking forward to never seeing a brown box again and getting to a place where we can think more about decorating this new home – the fun part!  as i mentioned before, it’s pretty beige around here right now.  can’t wait to take you along for what we have planned.

the two i was most concerned about, beckett and miller, have adjusted with flying colors.  i think that since their toys have reappeared here, they are fine with the relocation.   miller still has a great yard to romp around in, and beckett (and we) couldn’t be more pleased with the outdoor situation – a swingset that was already here, and a nice flat driveway for bike-riding, basketball-playing, and bug-catching (yes, he is a boy through and through).

here are a few scenes from around the ‘new’ gray house.

{finally got the keys!}

{b pops up over this board and yells, ‘oh hi!’}

{new obsession:  ‘crains’}

{oh, how i love this little monkey}

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3 thoughts on “we’re in the new house {and i’m coming up for air}

    1. Congrats on the new house! It looks like it will be a great place to build wonderful memories! We’re still undoing boxes 8 years later, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself :). Home looks beautiful and so spacious–lots of room for Beckett and Baby! Hugs!

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