i am always on the lookout for new fabric sources, and i think spoonflower is a really great one for some more modern prints.  the other really awesome thing is that you can create custom fabric by submitting your very own design – a la project runway!  i spent some time on their website recently, and here are a few that caught my eye.

i’m always up for a polka dot, and i think the irregularity of the dots is charming.

{rainy dot}

a floral print without being so literal.  love that it looks like watercolor and you can see the splatter of the paint.

{c’est la viv garden lark}

i would want to slather my walls in this washed out leafy print.  reminds me of being at the beach and big tropical plants.

{tropicali morning}

this is so intricate that all you’d need is a pillow.


this print is pretty big, and would be really pretty on a chair or bench in a little girl’s room.

{fifties rose}

i’m bookmarking this for beckett’s big boy room.  i’ve always had a thing for whales.  weird, i know.



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