the post-event letdown…sort of

we made it through the bustling christmas season, and now it’s all over until next year – boo!  i really love the busy-ness and feelings that christmas brings, so i’m always sad to see it go.  i wish i could say it’s a quiet day around here, but we’re getting new floors, and it has been anything but quiet.  miller has been out back barking at the guys working inside (sorry neighbors!), and beckett got a short nap this morning, which he was less than thrilled about, not to mention the banging and scraping involved in the demo.  let’s just say i’ll be kind of happy when this week is over – we’ll have new floors, and we can finally relax!!  but i digress….

i certainly hope your christmas was the hap-hap-happiest since bing crosby danced with danny kaye (for those who have seen christmas vacation, you’ll know i left out a key word there, but i like to keep this place family friendly.  :) ).  our christmas was great.  my brother and his wife were in town (with a bun in the oven – yippee!), so our family was all together.  we were with my family christmas eve and christmas morning (we all stay at my parents’ house), and we headed north to jared’s family for christmas day happenings.  here are a few shots from our holidays…

{handmade stockings – a tradition started over 60 years ago}

{a moment of cuddling with uncle fun and aunt toys, as they like to be called}

{making the sign for the tree – so we can remember the year when we look back in 20}

{the one picture of the three of us where beckett isn’t a complete blur}

{a wee north face backpack – he’ll be the coolest kid in preschool}

{a tent from santa – yippee!}

i’ll preface these next few by saying that santa always brings us some silly stuff to wear.  this year entailed a lot of head gear.

{(most of ) the group in our get-ups}

{dancing with grammy}

{present opening with grandpa}

{one of about 5 pictures i’m in from the weekend}

{mugging with aunt heather}

{this may be my very favorite from the weekend – the patriarch of the brooner clan and the newest member, ryleigh}

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