vacation wrap-up: part 2

it is rainy and in the 40s here in kansas city, and while that’s pretty warm for christmastime, i’m happily remembering our 7 sunny days in the cayman islands.  fair warning that you are about to experience an assault of pictures.

we rented a car one day, and headed east.  we wanted to get out of the more populated area of the island and see what there was to see.  the cayman islands are a british territory, so you drive on the left.  that said, i left the driving to jared.  that way, if something went wrong, i could just blame him.  just kidding, it would stress me out too much to be behind the wheel.

first stop, the queen elizabeth II botanic park.  it was really nice, though there weren’t as many flowers in bloom as we expected.  i think we were there in the off-season though.

this tree fell over during a hurricane, and just kept on growing.  it was giant.

also giant, were these plants.  jared is about 6 feet tall for a little perspective.

coming from a place where ‘deer crossing’ is the norm, this was pretty odd.  the blue iguana lives only in the cayman islands, and they have a habitat for them at the park.

next stop – rum point.  it’s a beach area with lots of chairs, a bar, a dock, and some hammocks.  that’s pretty much it, but it was a nice stop.  from 7 mile beach, where we were staying, to rum point is about 45 – 60 minutes depending on weather and traffic.  it’s not a huge island, and once you’re out of town, it’s a really easy drive.

we ate lunch at the only place at rum point, the wreck.

here i am enjoying a strongbow, something i discovered when i studied abroad in london.  it’s a cider beer and kind of sweet, so it became a fast favorite.  this is what you have to do when you drink one.

we spent the next day in george town.  to be perfectly honest, we weren’t that wowed by it, but if you’re shopping for fine jewelry or tchotchkes, george town is your place.  our last night, we took a sunset cruise, and it was the perfect ending to a lovely vacation.

thanks for hanging with me.  back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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One thought on “vacation wrap-up: part 2

  1. You both look happy and rested! So glad you could go and that Beckett had such a good time with Grandparents. Thanks for sharing the travelogue! Merry Christmas!
    Aunt Debbie

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