giving thanks

it is a week of reflection and counting your blessings.  with tables to be set, pies to make, maybe some packing to do, it’s easy to barrel through this week and lose sight of the reason for the holiday.  between the st. jude’s thanks and giving campaign and seeing military families so thankful that they have their loved one home this week, it has helped me to put things in perspective.  focus on what i have and be thankful.  my family is healthy, happy, well fed, sheltered and surrounded by amazing friends and family.  we are extremely fortunate, and not everyone could say the same.  this is all a little heavier than i had really intended, but it’s good to take a step back and reevaluate sometimes.  so before we let christmas take over completely, let us pause and give thanks tomorrow.  hope you are spending it with people you love.



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