thinking green

the idea of living ‘off the grid’ is a bit appealing to me – with solar power to provide the energy we need, a gigantic garden in the backyard, and maybe some chickens – wait, who am i kidding?  i’m not going near a chicken coop.  in the meantime, i do what i can to be ‘green’.  i’m kind of a crazy recycler and have been known to pull recyclable items out of the trash (did i really just tell you that?).  we are going strong with cloth diapering – SO much easier than i thought it would be..really.  and i don’t go anywhere without my reusable shopping bags.  here are a few of my favorite things that help me to be a little more friendly to mother earth.  i’d like to keep her around for a while.

{my fave reusable bags}

{glass water bottles}

{cloth napkins}

{cloth diapers}

{microfiber cloths for cleaning}

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2 thoughts on “thinking green

  1. LOVE and I’m the exact same way so don’t be ashamed! I’ve been really trying not to even buy Miller new plastic toys but buying them yard sales and such to keep plastic to a minimum.

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